Engelsk-spansk oversettelse av "folks"


"folks" spansk oversettelse

folks {subst.}
folk {subst.}

EN folks

1. "parents"

folks (også: fathers)

2. hverdags

folks (også: parents)
jefes {subst.} [hverd.] (padres)

3. "relatives", amerikansk engelsk, hverdags

folks (også: family, house, tribe)

Eksempler av "folks" på spansk

Disse setningene er hentet fra eksterne kilder og kan derfor inneholde feil. Bab.la tar ikke ansvar for feilaktig innhold. Les mer her.

EnglishAnd they say, "Old folks' tales, which he has written down while they are dictated to him morning and evening.
Di [Oh Muhámmad]: "¡Aquel que conoce los misterios de los cielos y la tierra ha hecho descender este [Qur'án sobre mí]!
Englishhow are things with your folks?
English" they say, "Old folks' tales!
Englishdifferent strokes for different folks
EnglishCastles, walled buildings, farms, barns, dovecots, fountains...even funerary heritage, different strokes for different folks!
Castillos, recintos amurallados, granjas, graneros, palomares, fuentes… e incluso patrimonio funerario, ¡hay para todos los gustos!
Englishdifferent strokes for different folks
EnglishRemember that, folks.
EnglishThose who disbelieve and turn folks from the path of Allah, We will add doom to their doom, for that they worked corruption.
Y a los que estaban empeñados en negar la verdad y apartaban a otros del camino de Dios, les impondremos un castigo tras otro por haber sembrado la corrupción:
EnglishAll my shots, all my info is there at my fingertips, and the folks here at Sony's Digital Picture Editorial really know how to support a configuration like this.
Tengo todas mis tomas y mis datos a mano, y los colegas de Sony Digital Picture Editorial realmente saben cómo trabajar con una configuración así.
EnglishWell, hot off the press, folks: Aer Lingus have laid people off today and Intel, the people who put EUR 400 000 into the 'yes' campaign, have laid off 300 people today.
Y bien, ¿para qué sirvió? Aer Lingus acaba de despedir personal e Intel, que contribuyó con 400 000 euros a la campaña del "sí", ha despedido hoy mismo a 300 personas.